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December 29, 2013

Seahawks fans have a new app to compete to be the top Hawks Fan

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Press release

One lucky fan to play and win a signed Golden Tate football

SEATTLE, Wash. – December 27, 2013

The Seahawks have a strong shot at going to the Super Bowl this year, and their fans have a fun new way to help them get there. Seahawks fans have already broken records for being the loudest fans in the stadium. Now they can be the loudest fans in social media too – and win prizes.

A new free app for Apple and Android phones and tablets enables fans to take and share photos and compete to be the top 12th Man and win a Golden Tate autographed football.

Anyone who has the technology can play. Download the GooseChase scavenger hunt app here and start playing and competing in GameTime for Hawk Fans in less than five minutes.

Whether you’re already a dedicated Hawks fan or you haven’t yet joined the Seahawks’ winning season, now is the time to kick off your own game. Play at the stadium or from your own big screen. The game will capture thousands of photos that can then be shared on social media. Fans can crush the competing team by turning on the games’ Facebook and Twitter options and being the loudest fans both at the game and in social media.

John Chen, CEO and founder, Geoteaming, developed the game to give back to the Seahawks community. In a year when fans (and even Terry Bradshaw) predict the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl, Chen wants to capture that Hawks Fan spirit. He says the best way to do so is by sharing fun and photos. “This game can stand up to the loudness of the Hawks Fan,” says Chen.

Chen knows from experience that the GooseChase app can scale. Geoteaming has built other location-based games for corporate events and battle tested it with thousands of simultaneous users. At one large event, teams submitted more than 5,500 photos in just two hours.

People who played other GooseChase games said the three most fun aspects of this app are:

· Sharing great photos.

· The Feed gives Facebook-like status updates as players complete missions.

· Ranking gives a real-time high score list. It tells people how they rank against other players at any time.

Being a gamification expert, Chen says he knows these elements make a fun and engaging game, especially for sports fans who are competitive. “While not all of us can be NFL football players, any of us can compete and win in this game. Competitive sports fans love this,” says Chen. “With this game, you can tell everyone that the Seahawks will win.”


Download the free app and start playing immediately. Available on an Apple or Android tablet or phone. Simply download the GooseChase app and select Geoteaming’s GameTime for Hawk Fans. The game will last as long as the Seahawks season lasts. More information about the GameTime For Hawks Fans game here. Game rules and full list of prizes here.


Geoteaming is the award winning corporate team building and gamification company that uses technology and adventure.  With more than 1,100 clients such as Microsoft, Boeing and Intel, Geoteaming teaches valuable team building and cross-team collaboration skills through gamification.

GooseChase is the easiest way to organize and run a scavenger hunt. This Apple and Droid app has run thousands of cell phone photo scavenger hunts with Facebook-like status updates and real time scoring.



GooseChase Hawks game: John Chen,, (206) 856-8491

Press: Angela M. Romei,, (206) 235-4910

December 18, 2013

Geoteaming’s Game Time For Hawks Fans

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Offical Rules and Instructions To Be Posted Here!

November 23, 2013

11/20/2013 - Playing With A Purpose - Geoteaming Newsletter

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November 18, 2013

Check out this panel with Jeff Hurt and Jeff Rasco!

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Panelists included Jeff Rasco (@attendeenet), Jeff Hurt (@jeffhurt) and John Chen (@bigkid), moderated by Kristi Casey Sanders (@pymlive)

Topics discussed in this video:
1) What works, what doesn’t and what you should try in terms of online registration systems.
2) New ways you can deliver conference content and organize educational sessions.
3) Why you should throw out your tiered sponsorship packages and create custom programs that address what event sponsors really want.
4) How to organize and manage projects with virtual teams.
5) The pros and cons on online project management software and CRM tools.
6) The importance of a good communication strategy for all your new initiatives.
7) Things we’re seeing happening at meetings that we LOVE!

November 14, 2013

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Geoteaming CEO John Chen

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This seems to be trending on Facebook, so I took some time to share something about me that maybe you don’t know.


I got the number 7,
so here are 7 facts that you don’t know about John Chen.  I’m trying to leave out the ones you probably
know about like I’ve summited Denali, I’ve walked on fire, I authored a book,
50 Digital Team Building Games that finally happened after 10 years and 4
failed attempts and I was a sponsored amateur skateboarder.


  1. I modeled when I was a small
    child and I actually modeled a tennis outfit, tennis anyone?
  2. I played violin in the Suzuki
    method which is mainly taught by ear.
  3. I said in the grade school
    choir which performed at a few local malls.
  4. One of my first philanthropic
    acts was to walk with my mom for an event for hunger and at the end they
    served a cup of rice and a glass of water which represented the typical
    meal for the people they were trying to help, I haven’t forgotten and have
    given hundreds of thousands of dollars since then.
  5. In my hidden right to
    manhood, I climbed to the top of Yosemite’s Half Dome after experiencing
    severe altitude sickness and outlasting 35 of the 40 kids who turned
    around earlier.  It was a formidable
  6. I used to lay under my mom’s
    piano as she used to practice classical music and then turn pages for her
    when she’d play for free in convalescent hospitals.
  7. I was the leader for the punk
    rock band No Apparent Motive (NAM) that played our high school auditorium
    where we released “Dead Deans” for the first time.  Apparently the rebellious streak started

BONUS: I was the
class president in 6th grade so I wasn’t always rebellious, but perhaps did
show early tendencies to leadership ;-)


Would love your
comments on these or any other facts that others might not know about me ;-)

August 19, 2013

Meetings Tech Trends: On Location from 2013 MPI WEC

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Tyler Davidson, Corbin Ball, James Spellos, and John Chen discuss meetings technology trends at MPI WEC in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV.

August 10, 2013


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by Harvey Chipkin
August 08, 2013

Gamification is the next hot trend in meeting planning – “as important as social and mobile,” according to John Chen, CEO of Geoteaming.

Gamification means applying the mechanics and elements of games in non-game situations, including meetings.

Today’s meeting planners need to become familiar with using gamification to improve attendees’ experience and create better conferences, said Chen, during a session on “Gamification for the Meeting Professional” at MPI’s recent World Education Conference in Las Vegas.

Gamification “is on the breaking edge of trends right now” – because it has proven to be remarkably successful in a variety of contexts, said Chen, whose company specializes in teambuilding.

Following are highlights of Chen’s presentation:

Why to deploy games at conferences
• Games encourage meeting-goers to be more engaged. Attendees will be motivated to attend sessions, visit trade show exhibitors, etc., to fulfill the requirements of competitions such as scavenger hunts, a contest for best photo and other games.

• Games encourage interaction – both among attendees and between attendees and trade show exhibitors/sponsors.

• Games drive loyalty. Participants will return to a website or a sponsor far more frequently if they are playing a game. Emails associated with a game are opened at a rate 86% higher than non-game emails.

• Gamification drives revenue. Sponsors like gaming because it can require interaction between attendees and a conference and their representatives. This can provide lucrative funding for conferences.

• Games improve ROI for sponsors, including by generating buzz among attendees, social media engagement, traditional media coverage and greater interaction with attendees.

• Games improve the experience for participants, including by increasing their energy and engagement; creating memories through emotional experiences; facilitating networking among attendees as they work together or see each other in competition photos, and offering recognition and reward (which don’t have to be expensive).

Six keys to gamification
How can planners use gamification effectively? There are six keys to success, Chen said.

1) Understand what constitutes a win both for sponsors and for the host organization. Know what you want and what the desired results are. The game should support the meeting’s goal.

2) Create a system where participants can compete at different levels. Make sure the easiest level has the lowest barrier to entry. If possible, don’t require a password – just name and email address.

3) Design games to appeal to emotions. Get people out of their comfort zone and doing something experiential. Get them to do fun things together. One high-level conference required a “back waxing.”

4) Offer both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. An intrinsic reward might be membership in an association; extrinsic might be gift cards. Offer rewards daily as well as for the conference as a whole to keep participants interested.

5) Work with leading vendors to create your game. Don’t try to do it on your own.

6) Make it fun. At one conference, teams had to build a six-person pyramid.

Cautions and caveats
There are potential pitfalls in gamification, Chen said. Here are tips for avoiding them.

• Find the right gamification partner for your meeting, including by talking to previous clients of vendors you’re considering.

• Design the game so it focuses on content, for example by requiring participants to spend time at a sponsor’s booth filling out a form. Otherwise some participants will become so intent on the game they forget the content portion.

• Test the game fanatically before you launch it, both to see how it works and to make sure it will prevent cheating.

• Have a Plan B and Plan C prepared in case the game proves problematic.

July 27, 2013

Video Broadcast: Meetings Tech Trends

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Sponsored by:


Corbin Ball
President, Corbin Ball Associates

James Spellos
President, Meeting U

John Chen
President, Geoteaming

Tyler Davidson
Chief Content Director, Meetings Focus

Paul Van Daventer,
President and CEO, MPI

Brian Ludwig,
Senior Vice President of Sales, Cvent

Michael Dominguez,
Chairman, MPI International Board of Directors;
Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales, MGM Resorts

This broadcast is worth 1 hour of Strategic Planning credit toward CMP certification through the CIC.

Love Where You Work: Geoteaming


Recently the JayMarc team participated in geoteaming. Geoteaming is a team-building experience that combines the latest technologies with outdoor adventure to create a high-tech treasure hunt.  JayMarc’s experience allowed us to explore new relationships and challenge old ways of thinking.  It helped us test our communication skills, build trust and sharpen our competitive edge.  Thanks John and the Geoteam crew for this experience!  For more information on geoteaming, go to

Geoteaming by JayMarc Homes

July 10, 2013

@GamedLearning blogs about Geoteaming CEO, John Chen

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Thanks to @GamedLearning for this blogpost at #bbworld13


I meet John Chen at Blackboard World. His company Geoteaming, is behind the popular scavenger hunt taking place at Balckboard World this year.

After a conversation with John about gamification, he gave me a signed copy of his book: 50 Digital Team Building Games. The book contains ideas for meeting openers, group activities and adventures using social media and smart devices.

I am looking forward to trying to implement some of his ideas in my next workshop.

I conclude with the inscription John scrawled in my copy of his book: “Here’s to spreading the power of gamification”.


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