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February 14, 2012

10 Ways To Love Your Team

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 This Valentine’s Day, instead of just your lover whoever that may be, take a moment to think about those closest to you in life and take the opportunity to love on them, to do something extra to make them feel special today and this year that will endear them to be a teammate with you for the rest of their lives.  Here are 10 top ways to love on your team so you can cultivate a teammate for life:

  1. Send them a love letter - just a quick note, email, text, post-it, card and be specific about one thing that you love about how they work.  For instance, I love that my Geoteaming accountant Michele Keele now does my final expense reports and payroll report so I have more time to write these amazing blogs!
  2. Leave them a gift - and I’ll be honest, I’m a huge re-gifter, I love taking gifts and finding their right place in life.  I recently received a beautiful leather portfolio that will hold an ipad2 and gave it to Jackie McGlauflin, my office manager, who just got an ipad2 and is gaga over it.  I love that Jackie ensures every Geoteaming box that goes out has all the right equipment.
  3. Send them cash - As a busines owner, at every payroll I write an email letting that person know how much they are getting and I leave a note with something specific that I love about that person.  Also, on every check, I use the Notes field to write the same kind of note.  For instance, for Jo Fjellman, I wrote that I love the integrity, passion and customization she brings to every Geoteaming event.
  4. Give them something handmade - nothing is better than an authentic gift you made OR a gift that is made with love.  I love giving samples of my heirloom tomato salsa with sweet mayan onions because it’s made with 6 ingredients and love and it shows.  Also, my teammate Michele makes amazing handmade soap and products at and we made Geoteaming labeled soap that says “Clean Up Your Teams”!
  5. Give them something they want -for all the amazing geotechs that work with us, quite often it’s not the day pay that fulfills them, it’s the experience and the custom items such as our Geoteaming travel bug and custom coins that make their day.  Find what items light up your teams and give it to them!
  6. Be interested in their dreams - It’s as simple as asking 4 little words, “What Do You Want?”  You’ll be amazed at the number of people who can’t answer this question and how much you’ll endear a teammate when you really challenge them to answer the question and then do just one thing to help them towards your dreams.  One of my dear teammates, Sam Samuelson, wants to be a stand up comedian and I’m going to take him to an open stage night so he can feel what it’s like to be on stage.
  7. Be a mirror - When you hear something challenging or not beneficial for someone, mirror it back.  My beautiful son Kelson was upset at match and he said, “I suck at math.”  Being a facilitator and knowing the power of beliefs, I mirrored him with, “You can choose to suck at math or you can choose to NOT suck at math.  The key is whichever one you choose, you’re right.”  Later that night, he said to me, “I choose to be smart.”
  8. Watch their back - Love your teammate by defending them if they are being unfairly attacked.  One year it looked like I was using my position to profit from having 2 amazing speakers in town, but multiple teammates on my board stood up for me and knew that I was doing this because the speakers asked to do it for them.  When it was found that I was not in conflict with the organization’s goals, they allowed me to do it and more importantly, they allowed me to stay in good standing with this organization.  My teammates, I love that you’re loyal and you know who you are.
  9. Give them a life changing experience - When the opportunity came to bring 9 teammates to Puerto Rico to one of the top resorts it then world for one of our largest events in the history of Geoteaming, I carefully selected the teammates that would serve our clients most and loved making the call to let them know that they are on the trip of the year!  Also, when we gathered during our holiday party, I took them to and took them indoor sky diving which stoked them for months!
  10. Create an EPIC day - To my love of my life, on her birthday, I created not just one, not two, but THREE epic days that included 2 of the top restaurants in San Francisco, champagne on the highest point and the capper experience of learning how to do transfer on a trapeze.  That day changed her life and she knows that the 3 days took an immense amount of planning and execution to make it EPIC!

What can you do today to love on your team?  From the simple kind words of acknowledgement to the EPIC multi-day perfect experience, what can you dream up to make another teammate’s day, month and life?

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